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2017 League of California Cities Conference & Expo – BlueDAG Is There

Sept 13th – 15th, Sacramento Convention Center – Booth #715

Product Demonstrations

We’ll be demonstrating the BlueDAG Title II Suite – our comprehensive solution for managing grievances and access requests, site and PRoW inspections, remediation projects, notices and self-evaluations, and creating transition plans. Stop by our table to get a look at BlueDAG in action, and speak with our subject matter experts.

New Solutions & Updates

BlueDAG’s SaaS solutions just keep getting better! We’ll be previewing our newly re-designed mobile application. We’ve re-coded the mobile app from the ground up to make it faster and easier to use. Have input on how we can make our products even more useful? We love to hear it!

Promotions, Special Events and 1-on-1 Sessions

We’ll have show give-aways and special promotions for ADA / Title II professionals who stop by our table at the symposium. We’ll also be scheduling 1-on-1 sessions for those whom would like a more in-depth look into BlueDAG’s capabilities, both during and after the conference. There’s never been a better time to see what BlueDAG can do for your city!

Can’t Attend the Conference?

We are happy to give you a private, live web demonstration of BlueDAG. You’ll see the system in action on your own computer screen, and you’ll be able to interact with the presenter, ask questions, etc. Click here to set up a BlueDAG demo – we look forward to hearing from you!

City of Oakland Licenses BlueDAG for Title II Initiatives

June 7th, 2017 – The City of Oakland’s ADA Programs Division has secured a multi-year license of BlueDAG LLC’s Title II software suite, and will soon begin a comprehensive assessment and remediation initiative against their public buildings and right-of-ways.

BlueDAG Project Manager Josh Hovinga, Title II SME Lisa Denham, and additional key BlueDAG staff hammered out the details of the BlueDAG implementation plan with Oakland’s division manager Christine Calabrese and ADA Programmatic Access Coordinator Sherri Rita. Initial steps will include deploying a private cloud-based instance of the BlueDAG system exclusively for Oakland’s use, and populating the system with Oakland’s legacy access data, comprising over 250,000 data points which will be imported from their legacy system by BlueDAG engineers. The BlueDAG instance will also be integrated with Oakland’s GIS system, so that assets can be coordinated between the two systems for tracking and auditing of discovery and assessment tasks. The implementation agreement includes provisions for BlueDAG engineers and specialists to onboard and train Oakland staff in the use of the system, so that Oakland may develop its data set to align with project goals.

BlueDAG’s game-changing ADA assessment and compliance platform is a cloud-based system that streamlines the performance of checklist-based inspections for both existing and planned facilities. BlueDAG places 50+ years of barrier standards at the user’s fingertips, making the capture of barrier findings easier than ever before. A mobile version of the system allows on-site recording of findings, including photographs taken on the fly. No mobile data connection is required.

BlueDAG’s site inspection tools are integral to the Title II suite, which system tracks and manages grievances, notices, evaluations, remediation projects and transition plans, all in the same familiar BlueDAG interface. Calendars, tasks lists and reminders make it easy to manage every case; Self-Evaluations facilitate auditing and control.

BlueDAG is pleased to be working with the City of Oakland on this project. The City’s commitment to BlueDAG’s Title II compliance solution is a testament to the power and scope of the BlueDAG system, and the City expects that BlueDAG will greatly augment its ADA compliance initiatives for years to come.

ADA Inspection Software Quickstart Guide

View our ten quickstart guides to begin using BlueDAG’s ADA Inspection Software!


Find more information on our full YouTube Channel:


BlueDAG LLC Releases Title II Suite For Grievance Management and Transition Plans

BlueDAG LLC is pleased to announce that its Title II Suite for the BlueDAG ADA assessment and compliance system is now available. BlueDAG’s Title II Suite has been designed as an end-to-end complete solution for any small or large public agency looking to meet their ADA compliance needs, and can also be utilized by consulting firms providing service to those entities.

The Title II suite includes an integrated set of tools for Grievance Management, Notices, Projects, Self-evaluations and Transition Plans. With BlueDAG’s Title II suite, all aspects of compliance are under entity control, with dashboard-style views that make managing workflow a breeze.

BlueDAG’s revolutionary Grievance Tracking module will navigate you through your workflow, with the ability to catalogue all access requests, verify jurisdiction, evaluate the sites, propose a resolution and manage a remediation project. Workflows and milestones can be tailored to your entity’s unique requirements if needed. Integrated logging and record retention, along with the ability to tie other activities to a grievance, enables entities to easily find and manage everything in one place. Storage of related collateral, report generation and geolocation are all standard features. Importing of legacy Grievance data and integration with external systems are among the optional features that are available upon request.

BlueDAG’s Transition Plan builder provides ample standardized text along with dynamically generated content, so that entities can manage Transition Plans and keep a history of changes. Assets lists can be automatically generated from existing evaluations, and public comments can be incorporated into the Plan with the integrated PDF uploader. Entities can even post a ‘living’ transition plan by placing BlueDAG’s public barrier web link on their website: updates happen in real time as barriers are discovered and re-mediated.

Document your remediation Projects and tie them to applicable Grievances and Evaluations with BlueDAG’s Projects Manager. Set a Project Scope and Budget, record budgetary line items, and tie to Grievance and Evaluation workflows to keep all of your departments up to date on progress. Track and archive your public Notices and Self‐evaluations with the BlueDAG modules for those functions, effortlessly keeping track of all of your progress and information posted.

BlueDAG’s Title II Suite is available now – request a live web demo and see the benefits of this innovative system for yourself.

February Webinar – Title II Grievances and Transition Plan Management

BlueDAG Logo

Free Webinar Series
“BlueDAG Free Webinar Series  “Title II Grievance and Transition Plan Management!”
February 22nd 2017 11:00am

This webinar we will cover a brief overview of our Title II management system of Grievances, Transition Plans, Evaluations, Projects, Self Evaluations, and Notices.

Topic include:
Best Practices
Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Q & A

View Here:


November Webinar

Free Webinar Series
“Using Checklists”
November 15th 2016 11:00am

This webinar we will cover the use of Checklists both in the web portal and within the mobile app.

Topic include:
Best Practices for using the app
Using Checklists in the portal
Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Q & A


View Here:

September Webinar

Free Webinar Series
“The Photo Editor”
September 14th 2016 11:00am

This webinar we will detail the new photo editor and new features now available!

New features available include:
Photo Editor
Custom Cover Letters
Landscape Report
IOS App Update

Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Q & A

View Here:

October Webinar

“The Mobile App”
October 12th 2016 11:00am

This webinar we will cover the mobile app (application) for doing evaluations in the field using BlueDAG including the new IOS App for iPhone and Ipad!

Topic include:
Best Practices for using the app
Taking Photos
IOS & Android Recommended Devices
Barrier Finder
Using Checklists
Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Q & A


View Here:

August Webinar

custom logo

BlueDAG Free Webinar Series – “The Findings Screen”

The findings screen is where we spend most of the time inputting barriers, adding photos, making notes adding as built conditions and recommendations.

We will also take a sneak peek at the new photo editor!
August Topics include:
How to add findings
How to search for findings
How to duplicate findings
How to reorder findings & area descriptions so they show up in the report properly
How to add photos and additional photos
Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Q & AJoin every 2nd Wednesday of the month for a live tutorial of BlueDAG. Each month we will profile a key feature of BlueDAG and go over other time saving methods. We will also provide a question and answer session for anyone having specific questions. The webinar series is free and available to all BlueDAG subscribers. The Webinar series will be recorded and reviewable if you can’t make it.

Aug 10, 2016 11:00 AM (GMT-7:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)

BlueDAG Webinar Series


BlueDAG to be Hosting Monthly tutorial webinar series.

As with any new product or platform there is a learning curve. This is why the BlueDAG team is very excited to announce that we will be providing a free webinar series starting on June 8th at 11:00 amJoin us every 2nd Wednesday of the month for a live tutorial of BlueDAG. Each month we will profile a key feature of BlueDAG and go over other time saving methods. We will also provide a question and answer session for anyone having specific questions. The webinar series is free to all BlueDAG subscribers. The Webinar series will be recorded and posted for those of you that can’t make it. Each session will be approximately 30 minutes.



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing additional information about joining the webinar.
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