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August Webinar

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BlueDAG Free Webinar Series – “The Findings Screen”

The findings screen is where we spend most of the time inputting barriers, adding photos, making notes adding as built conditions and recommendations.

We will also take a sneak peek at the new photo editor!
August Topics include:
How to add findings
How to search for findings
How to duplicate findings
How to reorder findings & area descriptions so they show up in the report properly
How to add photos and additional photos
Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Q & AJoin every 2nd Wednesday of the month for a live tutorial of BlueDAG. Each month we will profile a key feature of BlueDAG and go over other time saving methods. We will also provide a question and answer session for anyone having specific questions. The webinar series is free and available to all BlueDAG subscribers. The Webinar series will be recorded and reviewable if you can’t make it.

Aug 10, 2016 11:00 AM (GMT-7:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)