Public Right-of-Way

Conquer public right-of-way ADA assessment.

Public right-of-way ADA compliance is crucial for keeping communities accessible for all. BlueDAG’s solution to PRoW assessment optimizes workflow and minimizes project time.

accessibility-1-line The 800-pound gorilla of ADA compliance.

Compliance is essential; assessment can be daunting.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is more than 30 years old, yet many cities and towns still grapple with the ADA compliance of their public right-of-way. Assessment can be daunting, as most municipalities have a large amount of ground to cover – thousands of miles, in some cases.

Inspecting right-of-way for ADA compliance means looking at everything from the width of sidewalks and the slant of curbs to the presence (or lack thereof) of curb ramps, crosswalks, and signals. While some aspects of compliance are easy to spot, others can be more subtle and more difficult to identify.

Compliance is essential, as it helps ensure everyone can safely access and use public spaces, regardless of ability. Public right-of-way ADA compliance is crucial for keeping communities accessible for all.

accessibility-1-line Finish half the work before leaving the office.

BlueDAG mobile apps + Virtual Pre-InspectionTM: divide and conquer.

BlueDAG’s solution to public right-of-way assessment incorporates two powerful tools: our BlueDAG ProTM and BlueDAG ApprenticeTM mobile apps for on-site inspection and Virtual Pre-InspectionTM for desktop pre-inspection assessment. Together, our tools enable PRoW to be evaluated with a rapid “divide and conquer” approach that optimizes workflow and minimizes project time.

Our mobile apps allow dispatched teams to conduct rapid on-site PRoW inspections, identifying and recording ADA barriers in the field. Before (or in tandem with) on-site inspection, Virtual Pre-InspectionTM allows a desktop pre-inspection assessment of PRoW by leveraging Google satellite and street view imagery. An average of 50% of the assessment workload can be completed without leaving the office, and the results can be used to prioritize fieldwork.

Detailed and annotated reports can be generated instantly, saving countless hours versus manual preparation. Findings data can be fed directly into the entity’s Living Transition PlanTM via their BlueDAG Government subscription.

PRoW evaluation is big, but it does not have to be hard. BlueDAG’s solution puts you in the express lane.

Be part of the solution.

Join our network of accessibility professionals.

BlueDAG is actively seeking accessibility professionals to join our Experts Network – talented experts who are committed to making accessibility a reality for everyone. By combining forces, we can make an even bigger impact.

When you join the network, you become certified in BlueDAG’s inspection suite and gain opportunities to partner with us on accessibility projects. BlueDAG experts have access to exclusive resources and opportunities that can help advance accessibility and enhance careers

If you’re passionate about making a difference for people with disabilities and want to use your skills to create powerful change, then we want to talk with you!

Help when you need it.

We understand that your transition plan can seem like a daunting challenge. BlueDAG’s nationwide network of consultants can provide you with targeted expertise and boots-on-the-ground support. Our partner experts include BlueDAG-certified inspectors who are ready to tackle your accessibility initiatives.

Funding your vision.

BlueDAG has identified several funding sources that can be leveraged to fuel your ADA compliance goals. We’ll work with you to seek out and secure capital from within your organization and beyond.