Creating Accessible Communities

A society that includes everyone is a society that thrives. BlueDAG gets your entity to the finish line. Let’s work together to create access equity for all.

The BlueDAG WayTM

Equity and inclusion are moral imperatives that begin with accessibility. BlueDAG powers your agency’s journey toward ADA compliance and access for all, building on a foundation of proven methods, powerful tools, education, and support.

Conquer your accessibility goals with BlueDAG.


BlueDAG has helped thousands of state and local government agencies, private property owners, architects, inspectors, and consultants achieve their accessibility goals.

Photo of Helena Kesch, ADA Coordinator for Oregon State Parks

BlueDAG is great! After subscribing to the software and getting the on-site ADA inspector training, we deployed 80 park rangers to perform inspections. Within six months, we published the final draft of our transition plan.

– Helena Kesch, Oregon State Parks

BlueDAG has been an invaluable tool in helping us quickly identify ADA barriers around K-12 schools, integrate them into improvement projects, and ensure our compliance with the ADA.

– Mark Dempsey, City of Framingham

Photo of Mark Jackson, Accessibility Consulting Director at Steve Winter Associates

Using BlueDAG, we have reduced our inspection and reporting times by more than 70%. It’s been incredibly valuable in ensuring we finish projects ahead of time and under budget.

– Mark Jackson, Steve Winter Associates


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