Removing barriers to your customers with disabilities.

The retail sector faces many challenges when it comes to ADA compliance. However, by making accessibility a priority, retailers can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to shop in their stores. The BlueDAG WayTM is here to help.

accessibility-1-line No one should be left out or treated differently.

Accessibility is important for all – especially those with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to provide accessibility for all customers, regardless of ability. However, many retail businesses are not in compliance with the ADA, which can create challenges for customers with disabilities.

Accessibility is vital for all customers, but it is especially important for those with disabilities. Many retail businesses are not accessible to those individuals, making it difficult for them to shop and use retail services. Companies must provide access to all areas of their retail space, including parking lots, entrances, restrooms, and fitting rooms. They must also provide adequate signage and aisle space so customers with disabilities can navigate the store easily.

In addition to physical accessibility, customer service should be responsive to the needs of individuals with disabilities. Many retail employees are not trained in properly assisting these customers, which can lead to awkward or even discriminatory interactions, creating further barriers to equity of access.

accessibility-1-line A commitment to providing the best possible experience.

Ensuring that customers with disabilities have equal access.

No one should be left out or treated differently because of a disability. The BlueDAG WayTM helps retailers provide access and equity to all customers. Our tools, methods, and guidance assist businesses in creating an inclusive environment where everyone can participate. The BlueDAG WayTM is designed to help companies to meet ADA compliance requirements, and our team is passionate about the goal of access for all.

Creating a shopping experience that welcomes everyone is the right thing to do and can also be good for business. ADA compliance and accessibility can lead to growth in the retail space. When businesses make an effort to be inclusive of people with disabilities, it sends a message that everyone is welcome. This can help attract new customers and create a sense of community among employees and shoppers alike.

The BlueDAG WayTM is essential to creating a level playing field for all shoppers, helping to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to access the products and services they need.

The BlueDAG WayTM

Get started quickly and see measurable results.

The BlueDAG WayTM is an innovative platform to help retailers of goods and services advance their accessibility compliance initiatives. Our system includes tools to help identify potential accessibility issues and provides recommendations for remediation and ongoing compliance management. Regular engagements with our client success specialists will maintain your forward momentum

The BlueDAG WayTM is helping to change how the retail sector tackles accessibility compliance. With its comprehensive approach and easy-to-use tools, BlueDAG is making it easier for retail companies to ensure that their facilities and programs are accessible to all.

Accessibility is not just about compliance with the law. It’s about creating environments and services that work for everyone. As a BlueDAG subscriber, you’ll measure steady progress and gain critical insights from your data in one place. When coupled with our Client Success PlanTM, BlueDAG’s easy-to-use tools make it possible for any organization to get started quickly and see results

Help when you need it.

We understand that your transition plan can seem like a daunting challenge. BlueDAG’s nationwide network of consultants can provide you with targeted expertise and boots-on-the-ground support. Our partner experts include BlueDAG-certified inspectors who are ready to tackle your accessibility initiatives.

Funding your vision.

BlueDAG has identified several funding sources that can be leveraged to fuel your ADA compliance goals. We’ll work with you to seek out and secure capital from within your organization and beyond.