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Breaking down barriers so that everyone’s welcome.

Making private facilities and spaces accessible to persons with disabilities is the law and the right thing to do. It is also good for business. Everyone benefits When you create a more inclusive environment.

accessibility-1-line Upholding the right of equal access.

Many private businesses still face compliance challenges.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and ensure they have equal access to public accommodations. Today, many private businesses still face compliance challenges in making their facilities accessible to all.

Title III of the ADA requires businesses and other places of public accommodation to be accessible to people with disabilities, which means removing architectural barriers in existing buildings and ensuring that new construction meets accessibility standards. In addition, businesses must provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, such as making modifications to the workplace or providing assistive technology.

A lack of understanding of the ADA and its requirements is a common problem. Many business owners are unaware of the specific accessibility standards that apply to their commercial properties or events. Others may be aware of the requirements but face challenges in implementing them due to cost or logistical considerations.

accessibility-1-line Inclusion is good for business.

Everyone benefits from accessible environments that welcome all.

Making private sector facilities and spaces accessible to persons with disabilities is the right thing to do and makes good business sense. When you make your facilities accessible, you’re opening up your business to an expanded group of potential customers, creating growth opportunities.

People with disabilities have spending power and are looking for companies that cater to them. By being accessible, you’re letting them know that you’re open to their business.

Inclusion is good for society and good for business. When you create an inclusive environment, everyone can benefit from it. Employees with disabilities feel valued and supported, while customers appreciate knowing that they’re welcome.

The BlueDAG WayTM

Get started quickly and see measurable results.

The BlueDAG WayTM is an innovative platform to help the private sector and non-profits advance their accessibility compliance initiatives. Our system includes tools to help owners identify potential ADA violations at their properties and provides recommendations for remediation and ongoing compliance management. Regular engagements with our client success specialists will maintain your forward momentum

The BlueDAG WayTM is helping to change how businesses and non-profits tackle accessibility compliance. With its comprehensive approach and easy-to-use tools, BlueDAG is making it easier for commercial and non-profit entities to ensure that their public spaces are accessible to everyone.

Accessibility is not just about compliance with the law. It’s about creating environments and services that work for everyone. As a BlueDAG subscriber, you’ll measure steady progress and gain critical insights from your data in one place. When coupled with our Client Success PlanTM, BlueDAG’s easy-to-use tools make it possible for any organization to get started quickly and see results

Help when you need it.

We understand that your transition plan can seem like a daunting challenge. BlueDAG’s nationwide network of consultants can provide you with targeted expertise and boots-on-the-ground support. Our partner experts include BlueDAG-certified inspectors who are ready to tackle your accessibility initiatives.

Funding your vision.

BlueDAG has identified several funding sources that can be leveraged to fuel your ADA compliance goals. We’ll work with you to seek out and secure capital from within your organization and beyond.