Independent Living Centers

Helping people with disabilities live on their own.

There’s no place like home, but navigating residential environments can be challenging for people with disabilities and the elderly. Independent Living Centers can effect change by using The BlueDAG WayTM.

accessibility-1-line Independent living and aging in place can be daunting.

Living with a disability doesn’t need to be a challenge.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that all public and commercial buildings be accessible to people with disabilities. However, the law does not require private homes to be accessible. This is the challenge facing independent living centers (ILCs), whose mission is to help people with disabilities live on their own.

Independent living and aging in place can be daunting for seniors and persons with disabilities. Accessibility issues make it difficult to get around the house and venture out into the community. ILCs work to ensure that their clients have accessible living environments and can join their community to participate in social activities. To meet those goals, ILCs must create living environments that are accessible and safe.

For seniors who want to stay in their own homes as they age, in-home accessibility is a must. A home that is easy to navigate and possesses needed features and amenities can make a big difference in one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, many single-family homes are not designed with accessibility in mind. This can make it difficult for seniors who have made a choice to age in place.

accessibility-1-line Accessible living for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Create safe and comfortable living environments.

The BlueDAG WayTM helps Independent Living Centers (ILCs) foster accessible living environments for persons with disabilities and the elderly. Using our tools, methods, and guidance, ILCs can improve access in the home, making everyday tasks easier and giving people with disabilities and the elderly the independence they deserve. With BlueDAG, ILCs can foster accessible living environments that allow people with disabilities and the elderly to live life to the fullest.

BlueDAG has helped ILCs make homes more accessible for their clients across the country. Access to Independence, Center for Disability Empowerment, Able South Carolina, and Disability Network of Western Michigan are among the ILCs that improve living conditions for persons with disabilities using The BlueDAG WayTM.

The BlueDAG WayTM

Get started quickly and see measurable results.

The BlueDAG WayTM is an innovative platform to help ILCs advance their accessibility compliance initiatives. Our system includes tools to help identify potential accessibility issues and provides recommendations for remediation and ongoing compliance management. Regular engagements with our client success specialists will maintain your forward momentum

The BlueDAG WayTM is helping to change how ILCs tackle accessibility compliance. With its comprehensive approach and easy-to-use tools, BlueDAG is making it easier for Independent Living Centers to ensure that their clients’ living spaces are comfortable and accessible.

Accessibility is not just about compliance with the law. It’s about creating environments and services that work for everyone. As a BlueDAG subscriber, you’ll measure steady progress and gain critical insights from your data in one place. When coupled with our Client Success PlanTM, BlueDAG’s easy-to-use tools make it possible for any organization to get started quickly and see results

Help when you need it.

We understand that your transition plan can seem like a daunting challenge. BlueDAG’s nationwide network of consultants can provide you with targeted expertise and boots-on-the-ground support. Our partner experts include BlueDAG-certified inspectors who are ready to tackle your accessibility initiatives.

Funding your vision.

BlueDAG has identified several funding sources that can be leveraged to fuel your ADA compliance goals. We’ll work with you to seek out and secure capital from within your organization and beyond.