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BlueDAG Success Stories: Virginia Department Of Juvenile Justice

BlueDAG’s “Success Stories” document the experiences of public agencies that have benefitted from The BlueDAG WayTM. In their own words, stakeholders describe their progress toward their accessibility goals and the value gained from BlueDAG’s unique tools and guidance.

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (VADJJ) oversees the rehabilitation and supervision of delinquent youth in Virginia. With more than 100 locations, the VADJJ employs probation officers, educators, counselors, and administrative personnel, serving thousands of juveniles annually.

After an initial discovery meeting and a discussion of goals, VADJJ’s ADA compliance team enrolled in BlueDAG’s Kickstart Program to organize their efforts and test-drive BlueDAG’s Title II software suite. Upon completing the Kickstart program, BlueDAG sat down with members of the VADJJ team to discuss their experience.