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BlueDAG 4.4.0 Released With New Features, Enhancements

We are thrilled to announce the release of BlueDAG 4.4.0, bringing many innovative features to our valued subscribers. These updates are designed to elevate your experience with our software, providing you with more tools and insights to streamline your workflow.

Since BlueDAG’s inception, our mission has been to empower users to create accessible and inclusive environments, and the release of Version 4.4.0 is a significant leap forward in that direction. This update introduces a number of improvements and new features designed to streamline workflow, enhance productivity, and expand capabilities. We are excited to share this latest iteration of our commitment to fostering accessible communities.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new and improved:

BlueDAG Release #4.4.0 Release Date: 1/11/2024


  • Intersection Query Enhanced with Street Length Estimation. We’ve introduced a groundbreaking addition to the Intersection Query function. In addition to pinpointing intersection locations, BlueDAG can also estimate the total length of streets in a jurisdiction, offering invaluable assistance for subscribers to use in bid responses when the requesting entity doesn’t have this information. To request a Street Length Estimation, submit a support ticket and our team will take it from there.
  • Public Grievances Made Transparent with New Public Link Functionality. Similar to our Living Transition Plan barrier link, we’ve introduced a public link feature for Grievances. This functionality lets users view grievance locations and related information (excluding requester details) for a jurisdiction. With this feature, BlueDAG government subscribers can also link their BlueDAG grievance web intake form to facilitate public requests and grievance submissions.
  • Enhanced SSO Login for Seamless Integration with Microsoft and Google. Our Single Sign-On (SSO) login feature has been upgraded to provide better support for Microsoft and Google users. Enjoy a seamless and secure login experience, streamlining your access to BlueDAG with enhanced compatibility.
  • Real-Time Notifications for Completed Background Jobs. Users receive instant notifications within the web portal when background jobs, such as reports, have been completed. A convenient popup will alert you, ensuring you stay informed and can promptly proceed with the next steps.
  • Evaluation Custom Fields Now Visible on the Overview Tab. We understand the importance of flexibility, so we’ve extended the functionality of Evaluation custom fields. Now, these fields appear in the Evaluation details tab and seamlessly integrate into the Overview tab, providing a comprehensive view of your evaluations.


Our latest update includes several refinements to existing features and functions, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient user experience:

  • Evaluation and Barrier Finding Table Field Chooser Option Update: We’ve added a new selectable field, “County,” to the Evaluation and Barrier Finding table Field Chooser Option, offering enhanced flexibility in your data selection.
  • Subscriber Preference Tab Cleanup: To simplify your navigation, we’ve removed redundancies in the Subscriber Preference tab options, ensuring a cleaner and more intuitive interface.
  • SSO Login Flexibility with Alternative Email Domains: Now, SSO logins support alternative email domains, particularly useful for support interactions. Users can employ alias emails, such as, alongside for login purposes.
  • Bulk Update Function Improvements: The Bulk Update function has been enhanced to enable the changing of requesters for grievances and the mapping of the second address pin for PROW evaluations. These updates enhance the adaptability and functionality of our bulk update feature.
  • RAS Forms Update for 2023 TDLR Forms: Stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes as BlueDAG’s RAS forms have been updated to align with the 2023 TDLR forms, incorporating new field types and additional fields.
  • Maintenance Notification and Thumbnail Updates: We’ve improved the clarity of maintenance notifications, ensuring users are well-informed. Additionally, thumbnails for missing or broken images have been updated for a more visually pleasing experience.
  • Shapefile Export Fields Optimization: To enhance compatibility, shapefile export fields for costing are now numerical, resolving issues associated with text-based fields.
  • Default Report Options UI Enhancement: The default report options have been refined to correctly display the Cover Letter option when selected, enhancing the overall user interface.
  • Accessibility Report BFID Option: The Accessibility Report now includes the BFID option, providing users with an alternative identifier for improved flexibility in reporting that utilizes Barrier Finding IDs.

This release also incorporates numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. Our commitment to providing a seamless user experience extends beyond feature enhancements to ensure the stability and efficiency of our platform. We have diligently addressed reported issues and fine-tuned performance aspects, resulting in a more robust and reliable BlueDAG environment.

We invite our current clients to connect with our dedicated support team for assistance with any questions or to unlock the full potential of these features. If you’re considering BlueDAG for your organization, our sales channels are ready to provide detailed insights and guide you through how our latest release can address your needs. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to hearing from you. Reach out to our support and sales teams today!