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BlueDAG Web Portal Updates: Reporting Controls, Photo Reordering

At BlueDAG, we are always working to improve and streamline the functionality and performance of our ADA inspection, reporting, and compliance tool suite. Here’s a roundup of the latest changes and improvements that we’ve made to our web portal interface:

Exclude Findings from Reports

  • Subscribers can now exclude individual findings from reports as desired, by using a new radio button control which is located at the bottom of the findings details screen on the Findings tab. Findings which have been excluded from reports will be automatically moved to a special area container, which is labeled “Findings excluded from report.” Excluded findings retain their original area assignments, so when subsequently changing the radio setting to include the finding in reports, it will be automatically moved back to its original area container.

Reordering of Findings Photos.

  • Subscribers with multiple photos per finding can now reorder their photos as they wish. Working from the evaluation’s Photos tab, simply expand a finding to display its photo thumbnails, then drag and drop the thumbnails to create the desired order, with the left-most photo being the primary finding photo.

A video that highlights these new features has been added to BlueDAG’s YouTube channel: