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Disability Inclusion In The Workplace: How Businesses Can Be More Accommodating

BlueDAG’s Paul Klein Speaks With Eric Pines of Medium Magazine

As we all know, over the past several years, there has been much discussion about inclusion and diversity in the workplace. One aspect not discussed enough is how businesses can include people with disabilities. The Americans With Disabilities Act requires companies to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. What exactly does this look like in practice? What exactly are reasonable accommodations? Aside from what is legally required, what are some best practices that can make a business place feel more welcoming and inclusive of people with disabilities? To address these questions, we are talking to successful business leaders who can share stories and insights from their experiences.

As a part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Klein, CBO, CASp. Paul Klein is an accessibility specialist, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of BlueDAG LLC. From his days as a 1980s hair band guitarist🎸 and lifelong entrepreneur to consulting for some of the biggest brands, including Target, Neiman Marcus, Starbucks, Holiday Inn, and others, Paul helps public agencies, business owners, and other professionals increase their knowledge and understanding of federal and state accessibility regulations.