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It’s our mission to help create a more accessible and inclusive world.

Now more than ever, it's important to adapt to new strategies to ensure accessibility and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Expedite Accessibility Evaluations

Reduce inspection and reporting time by more than 70% with BlueDAG.

Achieve ADA Compliance

BlueDAG simplifies ADA Title II compliance through a suite of integrated tools.

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Full training and technical support are included, and you get to keep all your barrier data and site reports.

Dynamic checklists and automatic code citations for fast and accurate inspections by anyone.

Over 70 stare and federal accessibility standards at your fingertips.

Save time on site reports! Let BlueDAG make them for you. Simply select what information you want to report on and let BlueDAG do the work. Reports are made in minutes not hours or days.

Track changes automatically and review inspections from your desktop or mobile device.

Update your Living Transition Plan with the click of a button.

Standardized grievance workflow included. Customization available!

Everything in one place, never search for a report or correspondence logs again.

Full list of intersections with inspection templates for most localities from day one.

Control access with individual user rolls and access rights.

BlueDAG Simplifies ADA Compliance

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