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Fueled by Lawsuits, Website Accessibility is a Hot Topic 

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The Americans with Disabilities Act has been law for more than 28 years. For most, ADA compliance brings to mind things like curb ramps or tenji blocks. However in the internet age, companies and government agencies alike must consider the accessibility of digital content, typically provided to the public through websites.  

Website accessibility lawsuits nearly tripled last year across the country. There were 814 cases in 2017. That ballooned 177 percent last year, to 2,258, according to an analysis from the law firm Seyfarth Shaw.

Local governments in particular have a responsibility and a legal mandate to provide accessible options for things like agenda items, policies, and publications.  While web accessibility guidelines are not yet an official requirement of federal ADA regulations, best practices do exist and failure to implement them can result in legal judgments.  Creating accessible and inclusive communities, including digital spaces, is something all civic leaders should strive for.

Charlotte County to pay $10,500 over ADA lawsuit; make website more accessible
Andrea Praegitzer, Sun Port Charlotte
Jun 22, 2019