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Maximize SB 1186 Opportunities with BlueDAG And Elevate Accessibility in California

Attention California local agencies! Senate Bill 1186 requires California cities to collect an additional $4 fee for local business licenses to enhance disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility standards. BlueDAG is here to help you make the most of it! 

You can use your jurisdiction SB 1186 business license and permit funds as follows:

Training and Retention of CASps: The first priority is to spend the funds on training and retaining CASps to meet the needs of the public in the jurisdiction.

Activities or Programs That Facilitate Accessibility Compliance: The remaining funds are to be spent on activities or programs that facilitate accessibility compliance.

Here’s how BlueDAG  can support public entities in utilizing these funds effectively:

  1. Kick Start Your T-II Transition Plans
    Embrace the opportunity with BlueDAG’s Kick Start Program! It’s your gateway to using SB 1186 funds effectively, ensuring that your T-II transition plans are compliant and set a benchmark for accessibility.
  2. Streamline Your Plan Reviews and Inspections
    With BlueDAG, transform your accessibility review and inspection processes. Our state-of-the-art platform offers automation, in-depth reporting, and collaborative tools that make compliance straightforward and efficient. Let’s turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s achievements!
  3. Inspection & Code Training Programs
    Invest in our comprehensive onsite and virtual training sessions. With these programs funded through SB 1186, your team will gain crucial insights and skills to uphold and champion accessibility standards within your community.

Choose BlueDAG for Excellence

At BlueDAG, we’re dedicated to helping public entities like yours navigate the complexities of accessibility compliance with ease. Our solutions are crafted to provide robust support, ensuring every project aligns with both state and federal accessibility laws. Discover more about how BlueDAG can assist your efforts in making California a leader in accessibility. Contact BlueDAG today, and let’s build a barrier-free future!

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