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Understanding Accessible Maneuvering Clearances at Doors

Understanding maneuvering clearances required by ADA standards are critically important to ensuring people with disabilities can truly access the built environments around them. Maneuvering clearances at doors, doorways, and gates need to provide enough space for people using wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids, to open and proceed through them. In an effort to help clarify the standards, the United State Access Board has created an animated video (below) that explains them in context and why they are important in creating an accessible environment.


For more information on this and other standards, please visit the Guide to the ADA Standards section of the United State Access Board website.

ADA 101 – Platform Lifts Doors and Gates

ADA 101 info graphic with ADAS 2010 section 410.6 code text and example picturesADAS 2010 410.6 Platform Lifts Doors and Gates

Platform lifts shall have low-energy power-operated doors or gates complying with 404.3. Doors shall remain open for 20 seconds minimum. End doors and gates shall provide a clear width 32 inches minimum. Side doors and gates shall provide a clear width 42 inches minimum.

Code according to 2010 ADAS. Check your state’s accessibility laws. Some states such as California, Georgia and Florida have additional requirements and standards.

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