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City of Fresno Leads Accessibility Compliance with Small Businesses

Fresno City Skyline

Over the past 29 years, the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) has led thousands of accessibility initiatives in communities across the country. In some of the best cases, local cities have worked with their small businesses to ensure compliance with street parking, along sidewalks, and into the business itself. Recently, the City of Fresno created the Accessible Fresno Small Business Initiative to help its small business community get into compliance with the ADA.

“The challenge is satisfying everyone without destroying the business. The cost of ADA compliance can be onerous for businesses, especially the small ones. The cost of settling an ADA lawsuit can be onerous, as well. The cost of losing an ADA lawsuit can be devastating. At the same time, people with disabilities have a legal right to full participation in America’s public life.”

Public-private partnerships like this are not just reducing legal risks and helping small business owners, but also taking some of the sting out of compliance. In the end, this project is a win-win for the City of Fresno and its business community by helping create a more inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment for everyone. How can partnerships like this make a positive impact on the lives of people of all abilities where you live and do business?

Source: Fresno looks to help small businesses navigate ADA headaches
By: George Hostetter, October 22, 2019