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Leadership in Accessibility: How Municipal Managers Can Pave the Way

BlueDAG’s Trent Sunahara Shares His Thoughts on Accessibility Leadership With Disability Insider

In this insightful piece, Trent Sunahara, with his extensive background in public administration and a wealth of experience in working with government agencies, explores a topic close to his heart and career. As BlueDAG’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Client Success and a proud United States Army veteran, Trent brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding shaped by over 15 years in the field.

Rather than just outlining strategies and challenges, Trent aims to ignite a conversation about the transformative role of municipal managers in fostering accessible and inclusive communities. His article is less about the specifics of municipal management and more a call to action, urging these leaders to use their positions to champion real change. Trent’s insights are not just academic or professional; they are imbued with a personal commitment to seeing a world where inclusivity is not just an ideal but a reality. It’s an exploration of how dedicated stewardship and visionary leadership can create environments where everyone, regardless of ability, is valued and included.