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BlueDAG Releases Title II Software Suite Version 5.0

BlueDAG is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated June 19 launch of Version 5.0 of its Title II Software Suite. This latest version introduces a range of powerful new features and enhancements designed to simplify and improve the accessibility compliance process for public entities. BlueDAG production instances will be updated with version 5.0 by midday on the launch date.

Key Features of Version 5.0:

Self-Evaluation and Transition Planning

Version 5.0 features a completely overhauled Self-evaluation and Transition Plan builder, making developing and implementing compliance plans more streamlined than ever. New templates guide users through planning and development, supported by an intuitive WYSIWYG document text editor. Users can now integrate survey results directly into their plans using dynamic widgets, placeholders, tables, and appendices. Additionally, plan sections can be flagged for review or marked as approved, and the overall progress can be tracked with options to generate complete plans at any stage.

PSA Assessment and Reporting

The new version allows users to import their Programs, Services, and Activities (PSA) directly into BlueDAG. Each PSA can be assessed with a detailed, dynamic checklist to identify compliance issues and suggest actionable solutions. The software also generates comprehensive reports to track progress and establish documentation for compliance assessments.

Facility and PROW Data Handling

With enhanced data handling capabilities, users can now manage Facility and Public Right of Way (PROW) data separately. This includes detailed path-of-travel mapping with start and end coordinates displayed with color-coded segments. Integration support for third-party survey devices allows for precise recording of path-of-travel cross and running slopes.

Bulk Updates

Version 5.0 improves the Bulk Update feature with support for custom fields and enhanced data validation, making it simpler for users to manage and update large datasets efficiently.

Dashboard Enhancements

New widgets have been added to the dashboard, enhancing the visibility and management of current accessibility statuses.

SSO Enhancements

Security has been strengthened across the software with enhancements to login and password reset processes, including complete integration with OKTA.

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BlueDAG’s Title II Software Suite Version 5.0 is available for all current and new customers. This version sets a new standard in ADA compliance software, offering robust tools and features designed to ensure that organizations can effectively manage and enhance accessibility.

In the coming weeks, BlueDAG will release a series of instructional videos through BlueDAG University, along with other support materials, to help users maximize the benefits of the new and revised features. For immediate assistance, detailed information, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact our sales team.

At BlueDAG, we are committed to our mission of supporting access for all. This latest update to our software suite represents a significant leap forward in empowering organizations to create environments that are accessible and inclusive for everyone.