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What if you could reduce your ADA inspection, reporting and compliance work hours by up to 70%?

Join the many accessibility professionals using BlueDAG to improve their compliance and reduce the time it takes to achieve accessibility.
On Site Inspectors
Enjoy end-to-end management of ADA evaluations and compliance initiatives
Perform site & public right-of-way evaluations with Android and iOS mobile devices
Manage ADA grievances, transition plans and public communication from start to finish
Save countless hours with automated reporting and plan development

How BlueDAG Works ...

BlueDAG is everything you need to quickly identify ADA barriers and seamlessly report on them. All in one software package.
BlueDAG allows you and your team to use a cloud-based portal and mobile app to conduct ADA barrier evaluations virtually anywhere, update previous findings, and generate a complete real-time compliance report.
BlueDAG delivers a two-pronged approach that tackles all aspects of ADA barrier identification and compliance. Through the system, you can:
  • Streamline the way in which ADA compliance field and project management teams work to identify and integrate ADA projects
  • Document ADA barriers, integrate grievance management, and develop real-time municipal transition plans.
Architect On Site Inspection

Save Hundreds of Hours Per Year

BlueDAG helps you reduce the time it takes to manage your ADA barriers compliance processes. By reducing the time it takes to identify and manage barriers, you can quickly get and maintain your ADA barriers compliance. BlueDAG frees up time for you to focus on other critical aspects of managing your municipality. 
Here’s how it helps you behind the scenes.
  • Reduces inspection and reporting times as much as 70% through automation, instantaneous report generation, and facilitating simultaneous workflows.
  • Significantly reduces work hours for creating and managing your transition (remediation) plans.
  • Securely connects your field staff and project management teams for real-time collaboration.
  • Helps your government agency substantiate that you are doing your due diligence to identify and remediate barriers with rich reporting and documentation.
  • Automatically integrates identified ADA barriers into your district’s or state living remediation plan. 
  • Driven by comprehensive standards and code-specific checklists to ensure accurate and thorough evaluations.
  • Offers a customizable solution: integrate your own checklists and report styling, communicate with third party systems, and migrate legacy data into BlueDAG.
  • Tracks communication and remediation efforts with an event-driven task manager.
  • Integrates grievances, public communication, discovery, and remediation efforts into BlueDAG’s proprietary transition plan builder.

On average, BlueDAG subscribers realize time savings of up to 70% when conducting and reporting barrier evaluations.

The Team-Based Approach to ADA Review and Management

Private entities across the nation are reaping the benefits of BlueDAG’s Title III suite. We make it easier for you to adopt the new and faster ways of identifying and reporting ADA barriers.
BlueDAG allows private companies to simultaneously evaluate sites for ADA barriers and record their findings. Findings are integrated from the field into a real-time evaluation report for project managers and other staff to see from the home office.
BlueDAG has all national and state ADA codes integrated, as well as dozens of evaluation checklists.
Executive with Disability

Single, Integrated User Interface

Project managers and their site evaluators have a common user interface to track and manage barrier findings and work progress.

Designed for Field Teams

Teams using their mobile devices can conduct remote evaluations, recording identified barriers with a rich set of complementary data, take notes and pictures, and update transition plans in real-time as findings are documented.

Designed for Project Managers

Project Managers can use their desktop applications to check evaluations for accuracy, add data to recorded barriers, audit checklists and more. They will be able to ensure all proper ADA codes are assessed before their field teams or evaluator leaves the site.

BlueDAG is the smart ADA barrier evaluation and compliance management software for government agencies.

Let’s show you how to reduce ADA evaluation time and work hour requirements by up to 70% and prove your municipality’s compliance with ease.
Save Time

Reduce the Time Required for ADA Barriers Evaluations

Reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct and report on ADA barrier evaluations. Teams work collaboratively to review and update barrier plans, remotely and in real-time. Input and data from other stakeholder sources can also be quickly integrated so that all appropriate data is integrated into a complete report.

Avoid ADA lawsuits

Private companies can help their clients avoid legal disputes with the DOJ and other entities by implementing the BlueDAG system for barrier identification and to manage remediation efforts.
Give your clients the ability to show that they’ve done their due diligence to identify and rectify ADA barriers.
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About BlueDAG

BlueDAG is the creator of this unique, cloud-based ADA Title II and Title III compliance software suite. We specialize in helping private consultants and government entities manage their ADA initiatives and achieve compliance.
We work with ADA consultants, architects, engineers, and general contractors across the nation. BlueDAG is the only ADA software suite that uses a mobile application to conduct ADA evaluations and automatically integrate them into a living evaluation reports and transition plans.
BlueDAG was developed by a team of ADA compliance specialists and industry experts. We saw the need for a robust software suite that would allow ADA consultants and industry professionals to easily identify ADA barriers and integrate them into seamless, real-time evaluation reports so they could spend less time in the field and in the office writing lengthy reports.
BlueDAG Evals on Mobile Devices
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