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ADA 101 – Vision Lights

ADA 101 graphic, blue background, top half contains ADAS 2010 section 404.2.11 Vision Lights text in white lettering, bottom half contains two pictures, left picture is of a non compliant glazed panel in a grey door, the right picture is a graphic of two doors with measurement lines showing compliant glazing panels, below the pictures are a disclaimer to check local accessibility laws, the BlueDAG logo and

2010 ADAS 404.2.11 – Vision Lights

Doors, gates, and side lights adjacent to doors or gates, containing one or more glazing panels that permit viewing through the panels shall have the bottom of at least one glazed panel located 43 inches maximum above the finish floor.

EXCEPTION:Vision lights with the lowest part more than 66 inches from the finish floor or ground shall not be required to comply with 404.2.11.

Code according to 2010 ADAS. Check your state’s accessibility laws. Some states such as California, Georgia and Florida have additional requirements and standards

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