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Now Available: BlueDAG’s 2023 State of Accessibility Report, Part 1

UPDATE: Part 2 of the 2023 State of Accessibility Report is now available. Be sure to download Part 2!

We at BlueDAG are pleased to announce the release of part one of our 2023 State of Accessibility Report. This report offers a comprehensive analysis of accessibility barriers throughout the United States, highlighting the most common accessibility issues and providing insights into how to address them.

BlueDAG’s mission is to promote accessibility and equity of access. BlueDAG’s solutions help organizations achieve compliance with federal and state accessibility regulations, ensuring that people with disabilities can access the same services and opportunities as everyone else.

The 2023 State of Accessibility Report is a significant part of our ongoing efforts to promote accessibility and equity of access. The report is based on a nationwide dataset of over one million accessibility barriers recorded by BlueDAG’s accessibility inspection software subscribers. This dataset uniquely positions BlueDAG to present the report’s analysis and insights.

The report’s findings are revealing and informative, highlighting the most common accessibility barriers across various sectors, including government buildings, public accommodations, and commercial facilities. By analyzing these barriers, the report offers valuable insights into how organizations can improve accessibility and ensure compliance with accessibility regulations.

We encourage everyone to download part one of the 2023 State of Accessibility Report. We believe this document is an important resource for anyone committed to promoting accessibility and equity of access.